The first cathedral choirs were founded in the quires of the Gothic vaults, but their roots belong to the very first centuries A.D.. Created in that ancient tradition in 2017 by Sébastien Dubois (1973-2020), former parish priest of Gap Cathedral, and Tobias Sebastian Dreher, a French-German choirmaster, the Petits-Chanteurs des Hautes-Alpes have already given a great number of concerts and sung as many liturgies in Gap, in the French Alps and the Region.

Primarily focused on learning Singing, Liturgy, and group-life, their annual program is made up of weekly rehearsals, one-day-journeys and regular workshops (Gospel, Baroque Music, Theater, Gregorian Chant… ).

Projects shared with other choirs promote musical life in our Region, which is one of the goals of the Association. A Summer-Tour concludes each school year with a series of concerts, cultural visits and outdoor activities.